Hello! I’m Rachel Joyce

I’m the blogger/writer/everything person here at Wholehearted Planet. 

I grew up in various places along America’s beautiful West Coast. As a kid, I remember thinking our planet was here for us to use. Being kind to the environment wasn’t on my radar. Every now and then it would occur to me that a natural resource may not be in endless supply, but I’d quickly go back my ways of consuming more, wasting more, and taking Earth for granted.

In the years (decades) since then, my interest in living a more Earth-friendly life has grown. But to be honest, I haven’t made nearly as much progress as I’d like. My biggest challenge is always information overload. When I first wanted to stop using kitchen sponges, internet research led me down an overwhelming rabbit hole of options. As a result, I didn’t actually make the change for a few years. Yep, that’s right. It took me years to finally ditch the kitchen sponge.

Recently, I decided to simplify my approach. I’m only implementing one lifestyle change at a time (no matter how small), and once I’ve completed it, I move on to the next. Because of this, I’ve made so much more progress this year than I have in the entire last decade.

I’m still pretty far away from living the eco-positive life of my dreams, but I’m getting closer every day. Other than parenting my two little kids, this is proving to be the biggest learning experience of my life.

Want to join me in creating a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle?

Here’s a good place to start: The Beginner’s Guide To Making Earth-Friendly Change.

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